Be strong-minded and always think that the impossible is possible. ~ Selena 

At BMS, we work together as one, to provide a positive, productive, and nurturing environment so that ALL students are successful.
Progress Report Cards will be distributed  

Parents, try scheduling Doctors Appointments after lunch and if you need to take your child in the morning, make sure to send a note to school so your child's absence is excused.

Parents, students are required to attend school 90% of the time within the days of instruction in order to be promoted to the next grade level. Parent Conferences will be set for those students having over 10 absences. Truancy can be filed with the Justice of the Peace for those students that have too many absences. Parents, remember that your child will miss instruction when they are absent, make sure to remind your son/daughter to get the work missed when they are absent due to illness or medical appointment.  

Required Postings